Monday, July 2, 2012


I did it.... I finished Ragnar. I have been training since feb-march and I was scared to death. I hate running..... Like a lot. I wanted a goal this year that I knew would be hard and this was it. Thank goodness for a good friend Megan for pushing and helping me on the way. My team was so much fun... In our van their was me, Megan, Erin (Meg's sister) Andy ( Meg's BIL) and Trisha and Shawn Holmes. I was runner #7. The easiest of all the legs.... Thank you meg! Our team started at 1130 on Friday, our van didn't start until about 5. My first run was in Eden.... What a beautiful run. I had such a high .. It was by far my fastest run. My second run was probably my favorite (before Ragnar I was freaking out about this run... Kinda scared of the dark and animals) I started at 2 am and it was. A 3.6 up east canyon. It was awesome running under the stars and it seemed so peaceful even though I was jammin! My third run was thru charleston... My hometown. I loved it... All the kids that lived out on that road had their hoses and squirt guns out... Which was awesome because it was so hot! I've got to say after this experience I kinda... I mean kinda like running now. After 38 hours of maybe 20 min of sleep, getting to know new friends, and finishing a goal.... I'm so grateful for that opportunity.


  1. Ahhh! Ragnar was awesome, wasn't it? Looks like you had a fun team.

  2. That is sooooo cool! I love achieving goals. Nice work. You look amazing.