Monday, July 16, 2012

Charli month 7&8

Baby girl you have gotten so big these last few weeks. You are 8 months old today. You seriously have the cutest laugh. When you get so excited you flap your arms, wiggle your toes, and get such big eyes. You are finally sitting up on your own... You have been able to do it for months but you would fight us and make your body completely stiff and you just want to stand or lay down. We finally are over that speed bump. You are starting to love food. Rice crispies, grapes, otter pops, and squash are your favorite. You have figured out your voice and you love it. You babble so loud that it makes you laugh. You are definitely a mamas girl. You are starting to notice when I leave the room and you want to go with. My favorite time of the day with you is in the morning.... You wake ups little bit before your brother so we snuggle in my bed and have our morning talk. You sleep in your own bedroom now and you love it. You dont have to hear your dad snore... I might be a little jealous. You love to go to the park and play in the sand. You still don't have any teeth but you have been teething for over a month... The dang these just love to bug you... Sorry baby girl. Your hair is starting to come in and when it's wet it goes curly... Love it! You are the longest skinniest baby girl. When you stand next to your brother you hit the bottom of his chin. You love your toes painted... You now know they are there and love to play with them. We finally got your stomach issues figured out and it has made you a happy baby... Which means a happy mom and you baby girl.... I can't imagine life without you!

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  1. Seriously can't believe I haven't met her...I need to see you and your little fam!!