Monday, June 11, 2012

May Fun

Moab May 2012
At the beginning of the month we ventured off with our best friends the McPhies, Drapers, and Colemans to Moab. We had a blast! We left early morning on Friday and came home on Sunday. We went on 2 different trails. The first day we went on the hells revenge trail. It is a sandstone trail. I was so nervous in the beginning... So many cliffs. My crazy husband and cody decided to drive up hells gate. Talk about giving me a heart attack.... But they did great. Later on in the day Brady decided to drive down one of the hot tubs and his tires bent in and he rolled his jeep. They got it going and it was actually drivable for the rest of the weekend. That night we went to dinner, shopped a little and and went back and crashed in the hotel. Saturday we went on a more tame trail. It had a little hit more courses that you could play on. Near the end of the trail of course our transmission had to die... So we were towed back to the truck. We ate at a Mexican diner that night... And ate the best salsa ever! Sunday we went to breakfast and went home. Im so blessed to have these friends in my life. I really don't know what I would do with out them.

Little Q
I have wrote and erased and rewrote this post for a while.... But I just wanted To honor this little girl and her family... And say thank you for sharing her and her memories! She will be missed ! Love you Brady, Angie and Quincy!

Discovery gateway
For my birthday this year I wanted to go something with my little family. We were going to go to the zoo but on our way down it started to rain. So we decided to try out discovery gateway. I'm so glad that we did. Austin LOVED it! He was so entertained. His favorite part was the ball area. ( of coarse he loves balls) he also loved the water area. If you have never been... I suggest that you try it out. We also went to lunch after. We sat in a booth that faced the tv(baseball) and he was in heaven. He acted so big. I love that he is growing up and we get to do fun things and teach him new things. Charli was such an angel and loved watching all the kids run around.

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  1. Such cute pictures Taush! I really would have a heart attack going on some of those trails! It's probably a good thing we don't have a jeep :) We need to get together soon, we miss you guys! I loved seeing everyone every single night when we were working on the jeep!!