Sunday, April 22, 2012

Austin month 20

Little man-
You are now 20 months old. You are becoming so independent. You want to feed yourself, try to put on your shoes, change your clothes, put on your own seatbelt and brush your hair. You are loving the warm weather and you are always outside. It's April and you already have a awesome tan. Dad has been mowing the lawn and you love to follow right behind him and push your scooter. You LOVE the red jeep. First thing in the morning you ask to go look at it. You just want to go for a ride. If it is in the barn and you can't see it, you will bring me the iPad to show you pictures of it. Your favorite word is more.... More food.... More balls ... Everything is more. You are such a big helper with Charli. If she is crying I can count on you to run over to her and try to make her stop by either finding a binky or bringing a toy. You will squat down and do the baby jibberish ( I think you watch me alot). You like to take baths until we wash your hair.... Then it's game over. You do not like help brushing your teeth or combing your hair. You still have a binky at night when you go to bed. As soon as you wake up it gets thrown back in your crib. You are our little cuddler. Most days I get random hugs and kisses ( we love it). Thanks for being so much fun. I love you!

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