Wednesday, February 15, 2012


I want to remember a couple of things that happened this week... So why not put it in the blog. As most know when I got pregnant with Charli I was not really to excited about it. Austin was 5 1/2 months old and he was a challenging baby. He had some milk allergy issues that did not help. He was such a mommas boy ( which I loved) but I was scared to see what would happen when Charli was born. I was scared that she would be like Austin ( not content) but this little girl is sooo good. She does have the milk issues to but I knew what the signs were and we fixed that problem. Anyways when Charli was born Austin fell in love. The minute he met her he was all about her. The first person he wants to give kisses to his her and right before bed he has to give her loves. If she is crying he runs to find a binky, or if she is in her vibrator chair he will bounce her. If I don't respond to her right away he has a melt down. Which leads me to this week. The first time I put her in the bumbo he ran to find a toy that they could play with ( he brought back four wheelers). He just wants a little friend so bad and he likes that she can sit and play with him. Another story I want to remember is we were going to pick up my mother in law to go walk and he wanted to run inside with me to let her know we were there, well I put him on the ground and usually he will follow me in but I turned around he was standing by the car door yelling at me and pointing and trying to say Charli, he thought I forgot about her and he was not going anywhere without her. It amazes me that he is only 18 months old and he totally gets it. He is my little sweetheart. But don't get me wrong he still can be a terror like if she is in her swing he will climb in and smash her. Poor girl he doesn't know. So that being said I truly am lucky that I had these babes and that they get along so well. I think they are going to be the best of friends. Maybe someone knew Austin needed a friend and that's why I had them so close together. They are my miracle babies.

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  1. She IS so ADORABLE !! You guys have beautiful babies!! xoxoox