Sunday, February 27, 2011

Month 6


Little man you are getting so big and so fun! You now weigh 16 pds. 9 oz. (32 %) your Ht. is 27 inches (71st %) and your head is 17.5 (70 %). Your cheeks are still puffy as ever. There are 3 things that people comment you on... your cheeks, your thick eyebrows and your eyelashes. Personally i can not resist your cheeks. You now make funny love your tounge! If it is not sticking out then your lip is. I wish i could get a picture of the lip ...but you stop everytime i pull the camera out. You are moving and rolling all over the place. You are so close to crawling. You want to but instead of keeping your head up and put your nose into the ground and it looks like you are swimming in place. It is so cute! You sit up all by your self and rarely fall over. You are such a good eater. You love everything we give you. Your faveorite right now are prunes and squash. For the past week you have been sleeping 9-12 hours straight! Thank you!!! I hope this is a new routine! You are such a happy baby! One of my faveorite things about you love to cuddle! I am soaking it all up because I know it wont be that way forever. I love you little man!

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