Friday, March 25, 2011

7 months


Hey little man.. this is a couple weeks late...but you are now 7 1/2 months old. Little man you are getting so big and so fun. You love to make everyone laugh. You have this crazy sense of humor... Right now your favorite game is dropping everything on the floor and watching everyone pick it up. It just makes you laugh and laugh. You also love licorice. You don't eat it but you love to hold it in front of my mouth and when i go to take a bite you move it really fast and hide it. You think you are so funny. Your faveorite toys are you giraffes. They go everywhere with you. You love to play with your cousin Paislee and your friend Quincy. They love to jabber to you and you just stare at them. For the most part you are pretty quiet. You can tell that you are a thinker. And if everyone is quiet then you will jabber and be really loud. When you are mad or you want out of your bed you say MOM! That is the only real word that we can understand. You really want to crawl..but you just can't figure it out. Instead you flop onto your belly put your head on the floor and swim. And when you don't go anywhere you just roll. You love your walker....your favorite part of the day is helping load the dishwasher. You love to throw your toys and binky in the dishwasher. You are still a big eater. You love FOOD. But you hate your high chair. You are my cuddle bug and I love it! Thanks for being my little man. Love you!

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