Thursday, February 10, 2011

The last few months...

So i guess it shows...IM THE WORST BLOGGER EVER!--

Month 4
Austin my little man...we had a crazy month. You went to your first day of daycare. It was so hard to leave you but you did so great. I on the other hand was pretty heart broken... A few hours after I picked you up from daycare I got a phone call from your dad and he said he got a job offer in Utah. YES!! We didnt think twice about it. We then had 3 weeks to pack everything up and say our goodbyes. Well the first 2 weeks of packing were pretty rough. You got RSV. We had a breathing treatment machine in our house and you had to do treatments every 4 hours. You were such a trooper through it all. You now live in Daniels in our new(old farm house)house. You love to play in your bouncer and look out the windows and watch it snow. You are not a fan of playing alone though...which is great because Paislee now lives right around the corner. We celebrated your first christmas with all of the family. You loved to listen and touch the wrapping paper. I think you would have been happy with a roll of paper. Your grandparents spoiled you. You also went to your first New Years Eve party at Jake and Megans. You played with Paislee and Quincy. I love that you are all close in age and will grow up together. Thanks for being such a great baby. I love you little man!

Month 5
You are getting so big and I hate it. You don't like being rocked to sleep anymore. So i am soaking up all the cuddle time that I can get. You love to touch everyones face and hair ( I think when you are older you are going to be one of those guys that likes girls with long hair). You think your dad is pretty funny..i love how he makes you laugh. You have the best smile. You are now eating solids. You love to eat and it shows :) Your favorites are avacados and carrots. You get all upset when they are gone. You are so strong and now sit up by yourself. When you tip over you frown and look up at me like mom why did you push me over. It always makes me giggle. Thanks for being my best friend. I love you little man!

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  1. I like how you write to him like a letter. So very cute. I can't believe he is so old already. How fast they grow up.