Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Austin 2 year

Austin- you are now 2 years old. These last 2 years have been pretty amazing. I get to spend every day with you and your sister. We have become best of friends. You are my snuggler. I can get a kiss or a hug from you anytime of the days. I love at night when we snuggle and watch movies or read books. That is our time without your sister. You are learning to count... But really you just love the number 2 and you want me to do the rest. You are learning colors, animal sounds and working on your speech. You have added a few words to your vocabulary so we are getting there. You are my silent one kinda like your dad and grandpa Kinsey. You are a thinker. You think before you talk or do something new.. You have to process it all before you get to excited. You are so funny. I wish I would write things down that you do or say because you are always keeping us laughing. You little man are an amazing athlete.. Anything with a ball excites you and you are awesome! You love tractors and going to help dad or grandpa Wilde in the fields. Every sat or sun you take dad outside and make him pull his tool box off the shelf and you two will work on the jeep. Lately my car I have been driving is the jeep because that is the only car you will not throw a fit in. You love it. You and dad like to read jeep magazines together and you make me leave the room so you can have not time. Your a rockstar when it comes to the iPad. You have been teaching your grandma to use it. Your pretty amazing to watch run it. Little man thank you for being my best friend and for all the love you give and show me and our family. We love you .. Happy 2 years buddy!

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