Saturday, May 26, 2012

Austin Month 21

Hey Little man--

 You are my fun 21 month old. You are full of life. You are learning so much right now and getting into everything. You love doing big people tasks.. such as washing dishes, dusting, vacuming, and watching your little sister. If Charli is upset I will lay her by you playing and you will entertain her. You guys are so fun to watch interact. You love to give each other kisses. 
You have been spending alot of time with your grandma and grandpa Wilde lately. You and Porter went with Grandpa Wilde last weekend and helped him fix the wheel line. You guys love running around the field throwing rocks and playing in the dirt. You and Porter are becoming really good friends. You guys like to play trucks and trains. You LOVE books. You love to stack them up really high. A funny story that i always want to remember is.... you were being quiet one day so i decided to go and check on you. I found you in the window in the back reading rich dad poor dad... you just peeked over the top of the book and smiled at me. At first i just giggled because that is one of  your dad and grandpas favorite book. So I put it back on a different shelf and didn't think any more about it. The next day again you were quiet so i went to check on you... you were again sitting in the window reading rich dad poor dad. There is no pictures in this book but you are so fascinated by it. You are definetly your fathers son. Another funny thing you like doing right now is teasing mom. I will be down stairs loading doing laundry and you will wait for me at the top of the stairs and as soon as you see me coming you jump up and run and shut the door and lock me in. You think you are pretty funny. You also think you are so big when we load up in the car. If i try to carry or put you in your seat you freak out. Instead you want me to open the door and you slither your way in. You always sit in the middle seat. It is a big fight to put you in your carseat. But.... when we go to grandma and pa wildes that live a half a block away, I let you sit in the middle seat. Another funny thing that you like doing is flexing out your scooter bike. I will have a pile of clothes on the floor and you will ride your bike up the pile...jump off and check it out. You are all boy. The picture of you sleeping in your crib cracks me up. Im afraid you will always have to sleep in a crib. You are one crazy sleeper. I love you little man... you make me smile every day. I am so proud to be your mom!

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