Friday, January 13, 2012

Month 2

Hey little miss Charli you are now 2 months old. You are such a good baby. You are our little, delicate, long, beautiful baby. We went for your doctor check up and you weigh 9 lbs. 11 oz (23rd%) height 22.75 in. (68th%) HC 15 in. (34%). You are sleeping pretty good at night you are doing at least a 5 -8 stretch at night. You can hold your head up almost all by yourself. You love to sit up and see all the action. You like your swing until your brother think its fun to push you and then you are done. You are starting to smile and coo a lot. You love when people talk to you and your little smile is contagious. You have austin wrapped around your finger. When you start To cry he is the first to get to you and he tries really hard to calm you down by putting your binky in your mouth or bouncing your vibrator chair. You are so beautiful... I get comments all the time on how beautiful you are... And I couldn't agree more. Thanks for being such a good baby. We love you so much little miss.

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