Wednesday, October 19, 2011

month 14


Wow you are 14 months old. You are turning into a little toddler. This last month you have been so fun! I love to watch you learn and conquer new things like running, climbing up and down the stairs, learning new words (eye, uh oh, mama for grandma, nana for banana), following comands (throwing things in the garbage, closing doors, touching your nose, high fives, give a kiss or hug) you are learning to use your spoon and fork. You are so brave and out of control... when we go to the park you don't want to go down the little slide you have to takle the biggest one. You like to do everything by yourself and you will throw a tantrum until you get your way. You are working on your molars and that has made you cranky. In the last month you had a boys weekend with dad, had playdates with your cousins and friends, and have played outside as much as you can before the snow flies. Thanks for being my best friend little man...we only have one month left of me and you before little sister will be here.. so i am going to soak up all the time that we can get. Love you little man!!!!

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  1. Wow he is so big now. Such a hansome little man, his sister is sure to be a beauty! Good luck with the new addition..........