Thursday, September 15, 2011

Month 13

Little man this month has been a big milestone. I feel like since your birthday you have learned so many new things. You now are a pro walker and try to run every where you go. You have to try to climb up everything. It makes us very nervous because you are not scared of anything. You now understand how to go up and down the stairs. You get a new bruise have a little trike that you push around and then stand on top of it to make you a little taller to get where you want to go.. like mom and dads bed..the couches.. coffee table. You LOVE to play outside. You will go and stand by the doors and pound on them to let you out. We have gates in our drive way to lock you in and we let you run wild. You know when the gates are open and you get close to the road that you have to hold my hand. Your favorite things to do outside is play with the hose, move rocks and play in the dirt. You still only say a few words (mom, dad, hi and now you say nana for banana. We think you call your cousin Paislee.. zee zee) You wave like your great grandpa kinsey.. (you scrunch your fingers) You like to give high fives and we are teaching you nuckles. You now on demand will give hugs and kisses (they are my favorite) Your laugh is matter how bad a day is your little giggle can change everything. You are working on your 7th tooth. We had a hard time brushing your teeth but we learned that you liked our vibrating toothbrushes so we got you one and now you love to brush your teeth. You love to watch me cook... i will pull a chair up to the counter and you will stand on it and want to help. Little man you are going to be a big brother in 2 months and it makes me sad that you are growing up so fast, but i love to see you grow and learn new things. Your little sister is going to look up to you and I can't wait until you can start teaching her things that you are learning now. I am pretty sure she is excited to meet you.. because when you cuddle with me on my belly she will start to move and kick you. I know you can feel her because you will start tapping your leg back at her. You seem to be the only one that can get her to move on cue. We love you little man and I am so greatful that you are in our family.

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