Friday, August 20, 2010

Introducing Austin Allen Wilde

Introducing Austin Allen Wilde. Austin was born August 13, 2010 at 4:44 p.m. He weighed 6 pounds 14 ounces and was 18 3/4 long.
Today Austin is one week old. It is crazy how fast the time flies. This week has been one of the most amazing weeks of my life. I never knew how much I could love this little man. He brings so much joy to Bridger and I. This week we have seen a glimpse of his little personality. We are learning his likes and dislikes. He likes cuddling, eating, sleeping, having a dry diaper, going for walks. He dislikes being wet, changing his diaper, hiccups and has a love hate relationship with his binky. He must have some crazy dreams because one min. he looks upset and the next he is super happy. He laughed for the first time this week while was by far the cutest little noise. He are some pics in the hospital...enjoy!

First Family Photo

Bridger is the best daddy...he can't get enough of his little sidekick.

Ready to POP!


  1. Megan told me you had your little man! Congrats! He's adorable! :) Thanks for posting some pics! i was waiting for em! He's perfect lil angel! Hope everything is going well with you two! Congrats again!

  2. Look at all that dark hair! He sure is a cutie! Congratulations. Enjoy every minute with him.

  3. bridger and tausha- he is soooo darn cute! congrats!

  4. He is so cute! congrats! I hop allwent well durng everything! Being a mom is the best job in the wrold!

  5. He is adorable you guys! Congratulations - it's the best feeling right?!

  6. Wow Tausha...what a cute little guy! Congrats on your cute family!