Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Austin month 19

Hey little man... wow you are 19 months old. You are a funny little guy. You have us laughing all day long. You love being a big brother. You love Charli so much... in the morning one of the first things that you do is go give her a kiss and check on her and before bed she is the last one to get a kiss or your famous head butt.Now that the weather is warming up you just want to be outside all day. You love to go on walks, play basketball or play with your scooter. You are mastering puzzles, love to color and of course anything with balls. You are so smart and understand so much. Your speech is getting a little bit better but you still get frusturated when you try to talk. Right now you are going through a wierd stage and your shy around people. I sure hope that it passes soon. You eat the same thing every day for breakfast (banana, yogurt and toast) and sometimes you like a little cereal. (you will not eat anything else.. its your routine) your faveorite dinner is spaghetti and your faveorite snacks are fruit snacks, honey mustard pringles, suckers and of course fruit. I pretty much have to force anything green into your diet. Thanks for being my little buddy! I love you so much!

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