Wednesday, December 28, 2011

16 months

Hey little man you are 16 months old. You seem to learn something new everyday. You are learning to count to 3, animal sounds, clean up toys, sharing your toys, and so much more. I know I say it every month but I love this stage of your life. We have so much fun playing together ... Making forts, having picnics in the living room and making dinner together. I am so lucky to spend all day with you and your sister. You still LOVE your sister. If she is crying you make sure to come and find me, or if her binky is laying by her you will just put it in her mouth. When she is swinging in the swing you think she needs to go higher and you push her until she is pretty much falling out. I'm sure she is going to be tuff... She will be your little shadow pretty soon. Thanks for being such a great big brother. We love you!!

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